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Energy Healing with Angellight Therapy, Inc.

Join Donna, the Heart Angel of Angellight Therapy Inc., for energy healing sessions Saturday, March 13th at Karmic Konnection! From 10:30AM - 5PM, Donna will be available for Cosmic Prime Meridian Activations and Avesa Balancing® sessions. Each session lasts from 10-20 minutes.

Session Types

$22 | Approx. 20 min
Expand your heart with an Avesa Balancing® plus a bonus activation of your Cosmic Prime Meridians. Avesa Quantum Healing® from the Crystalline Dimensions brings you into a space of harmony, peace, love and joy in your ascended heart presence - the space for miracles to manifest and your soul to expand.

Please bring with you an idea of your sacred intention - what do you want to shift, heal, gain wisdom/insight about, or manifest as a result of this session?

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$11 | Approx. 10 min
Lift your consciousness with Cosmic Prime Meridians and Star Consciousness Activation.

The Cosmic Prime Meridians are the prime meridians/energy channels of your cosmic consciousness located near the 3rd eye area. These meridians are recently being reactivated by clearing the blockages with a crystalline tuner, also activating your star consciousness. This can ease and assist your self-ascension allowing greater access to your Soul's Divine Wisdom. This leaves you feeling relaxed, lighter, and with greater peace, love, and joy.

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About The Heart Angel

Donna of Angellight Therapy, Inc.
Donna Galvagni, BSN/RN/LMT
Donna is an Empathic Intuitive Coach, Reiki and IET Master-Instructor®, Avesa Medical Intuitive®, and Avesa Quantum Healer®. She creates a safe, loving, non-judgmental, high-vibrational space which facilitates a broader, higher perspective; this "Emotional Energy Girl" empowers you to release your "issues in the tissues."

Donna is certified in many alternative healing modalities. She went to Ecuador in 2018 to add certifications in Cosmic Life Regression®, Ascended Numerology®, Quantum Clairvoyance®, Avesa Balancing®, Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber®, and Avesa Medical Intuitive® to her toolkit.

Donna has taught Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and other modalities privately for many years as well as Pueblo Community College.

From an early age Donna answered her call to help people in any way she should. She has worked professionally for nearly 40 years in both traditional and alternative healthcare.

Let Donna, who has the velvet heart of a crimson rose, create a nurturing space of healing unique to you, and call on her many skills and gifts to bring forth the guidance, energies, messages, and healing that are optimal for you and your Soul's growth at this time.

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