EVENT: Spellbound Samhain 2023

Spellbound Samhain 2023

An All Hallows Psychic Fair

October 28th, 2023  10am - 6pm


Grab your brooms, we're back with our next big event! Karmic Konnection is pleased to cordially invite you to step beyond the veil and join us for Spellbound Samhain 2023, a festival to celebrate the turning of the wheel and tune into the magick of our ancestors. 
Please note that this event takes place in the basement level of Karmic Konnection, which is accessible via staircase only. 
Join us for:
  • psychic readers
  • energy healers
  • vendors
  • handcrafted products
  • a special Samhain ritual
  • and more!
... and admission is FREE!

Vendors, Healers, and Psychic Readers

New booths are being added regularly - check back for updates!


  • Integrated Energy Therapy ~ IET uses Angelic energy working directly with your body’s energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues” for good! Helps with clearing the blockages from the human energy field.
  • Sonya Shannon ~ Get heart-centered guidance on your journey from one of Colorado’s most beloved readers. Also featuring Oracle card decks, greeting cards, matted prints, posters, and canvas art.
  • Raven Readings ~ Each reading by Lisa is unique to each individual. Due to the connection to her ancestors, Lisa’s readings are very often visited by loved ones. You can expect direct truth and compassion to life's challenges. Your reading may include: - Tarot: Through Tarot, we will unveil the story of your journey and I will help guide you through the challenges. - Rune Stones: When talking to the Runes we uncover immediate issues that are challenging. We are then able to find tools to navigate and solutions to the questions. - Palmistry: My palm readings are unconventional as I allow the energy of the lines to communicate with me as well allow your energy to guide me to the life areas that require attention and confirmation. The whole life journey is in our hands. Let's see yours.
  • Oleta Mae Apothecary ~ Cleansing herb bundles, balms, brews & accessories, oil blends, feather fans and, spell candles hand crafted & garden grown, right here in Pueblo, CO. 
  • Denise Mason RMT; Acudetox ~ Denise is an intuitive therapeutic massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. She is certified in Acudetox (ear acupuncture), which helps relieve pain and calm the mind and is also used for withdrawal syndrome.

  • The Enchanted Moon ~ Local online-based new age store offering statues, books, altar supplies, incense, sage, handcrafted items, and more!

  • Akashic Perspective ~ With his passion for bridging seen and unseen, Jason shares logical perspectives gained through the timeless, Soul-level information held within your Akashic Records.

  • Earthly Whispers ~ Wire wrapped crystal jewelry infused with Reiki, Custom Orders, Stones, Spell Jars and supplies & so much more!

  • Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider ~ Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider is a folk remedy designed to work with your body to restore health. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I know when we give our bodies the right nutrients, it works better, and we feel better. My customers report better digestion, weight loss, balanced blood sugars, getting sick less often and needing less pain medications. Come try a free sample and see what the buzz is about.

  • Intuitive Healing with Danielle Burciaga ~ Danielle is an intuitive healer who uses massage to help find and release hidden trauma in the body.

  • Angel’s Tarot Card Readings ~ Tarot card readings to help you along your life path.

  • Tenacious U ~ We are a group who is tenacious about art. Featuring a variety of artwork from artists aged 5 to 80!