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Psychic Intuitive Readings with Jules Kennedy

$70: 45 minutes     |      $140: 90 minutes

Psyche resides between what is conscious and that which is unconscious.
Psychic analysis looks at that which is unseen consciously, but ready to be viewed in order to help the individual become aware of Self.

A psychic analyst can see hidden elements that want to become conscious.

Psychic analysis can assess how issues, complexes, and past/present/future are affecting current life moments.

These issues may be tweaked if necessary for complete success, awareness, and wholeness.

Transpersonal means "beyond" the personal realm. Jules can do psychic and intuitive interpretation regarding your situation. Channeling higher self and developing intuition within self is taught in class or during personal sessions.

Information and technique within multidimensional realms are used to clarify the everyday waking reality. Any number of transpersonal techniques and other types of psychic-intuitive and depth approaches can be used to assist creatives and visionaries in their work and lives.

Transpersonal Facilitation can help you anytime deep inner work is warranted to get to the next vista or place in life/creation.

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About Jules Kennedy

Jules KennedyJules has been doing psychic intuitive readings blended with (sometimes) psychological information for over 30 years. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient, a channel, an empath, and a counselor.

Jules has been doing psychic readings and channeling of otherworldly sources (Pleiadians, Andromedans, and more) since 1985 when life just sort of "threw" her in that direction. She has an educational background in counseling and human development coupled with a work history of years in traditional social work and various other positions. She has a private online practice and is a PhD student in psychology and creative studies. She is also an author.

Jules specializes in psychic development and awareness, channeling, and lightwork technique. She has clientele worldwide, many of whom have been with Jules for years. She brings much validation and understanding to the sometimes-frightening world of psychic power, and brings to light the falsities and illusions that can control the lives of many.

Jules is the author of:

  • Multi-Dimensional Living for Lightworkers
  • The Journey of the Soul Mate for Spiritual Beings,
  • The Risen: Information for Present-Day Consciousness
  • Psychic Growth and Development: Finding the Psychic Inside
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