6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards by Anne-Marie McCormack
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    6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards


      6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are not just another deck of oracle cards! They offer a more comprehensive experience:

      • Help to see down the tunnel or looking glass of your own excellent but often unrecognized intuition
      • Affirmations and recommended crystals to help you along your path to a happier, more fulfilling life
      • Daily tools to tap your super-consciousness, or the voice of your soul, your Higher Self, or that which is transcendent for you

      They will soon become a part of your daily routine.

      Similar to a tarot deck, this very positive deck, created by internationally-renowned psychic medium Anne-Marie McCormack, will answer your core questions and deliver uplifting, positive suggestions to help you make course corrections to your advantage. However, unlike a tarot deck, 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards is a divination deck requiring no special training or experience to use, so you can quickly tap their substantial benefits. You can do your own card readings or even learn to read for others.

      The guidance you receive can make a large impact or offer small, subtle clues which are truly signposts for our daily life and your spiritual journey.

      With regular use, you will soon learn to trust your own internal navigator, which is constantly providing the intuitive map you often need at the many decision points with which we are confronted daily. The decisions you make are constantly changing the course of your life; why not obtain the daily and life wisdom these cards can provide to assist you in deciding which fork in the road to take? How you choose to apply or follow them is always up to you.

      These cards will help you to access the guidance and core truths you have always possessed. Why not own 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards, a best friend and companion on your mind"*"body"*"spirit journey to greater happiness, personal fulfillment, and inner peace?



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