confessions of a closet mystic
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    Confessions of a Closet Mystic

      "Confessions of a Closet Mystic" is the story of how Julia Turner Hultgren, MSW, refused to listen to Jesus when he first appeared to her while she was meditating in her musty smelling basement, because she didn't believe it was him. After three years of ignoring him, she gradually started taking advice from him. He then encouraged and trained her as a channel to receive information from him, and finally began sharing with her the story he wants to share with us. It is the story of how he learned to connect with Divine Love through thirteen lifetimes, witnessed by Julia, before becoming the Christ. These lifetimes fully illustrate that the path to becoming an ascended master covers the spectrum of human experience. Finally in his life as the Christ, Jesus shows us how he enhanced his ability to receive universal wisdom with the teachings of shamans and mystics. This grew into a potent discipline where he developed his ability to transform life in miraculous ways. "Confessions of a Closet Mystic" is three layers of story. First, it is an account of the lifetimes Julia shared with Jesus where he learned to receive universal wisdom. Second, it is the description of Julia's current life as he coaches her in opening herself to receive universal wisdom. Third, it is a guide communicated to Julia by Jesus, with the help of his mother, Mary, and the apostle Peter, which gives explicit instructions for how we connect to Divine Love. "Confessions of a Closet Mystic" is a refreshing, sometimes argumentative, irreverent, funny and deeply loving story. It proves that connecting with Divine Love only requires dedication and desire for connection with source.


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