Crossing Over

    Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories


      John Edward is changing the way millions of people think about life after death. His daily show, Crossing Over with John Edward, has been the talk of the television industry since it first hit the airwaves in June 2000, on the Sci Fi Channel. Now, as Crossing Over has become nationally syndicated, the first-ever psychic television host has taken millions of fans behind the scenes of his life, his work, and his breakthrough program.

      In Crossing Over—the CD—John brings his listeners with him on the extraordinary journey that has been his life since his New York Times bestseller One Last Time was published in 1998. In the style of his TV show and personal appearances—poignant, funny, and remarkably candid—John deals head-on with the controversial issues he has confronted on his voyage as a psychic medium. Readers might be surprised to learn that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. On the way to becoming an internationally celebrated medium, John has had to learn his own lessons about the meaning of his work and about the motivations of some of the people he has met on his path.

      The CD also tells the powerful stories of the people John has encountered and the spirits that have accompanied them: The songwriter from Tennessee whose famous father comes through, setting off an extraordinary chain of events leading to an amazing discovery in a memorabilia store in Dallas. The science teacher who leaves her dying grandfather in a nursing home to come to a group reading with John—and finds her grandfather coming through half an hour later, saying he wanted her to leave his bedside so she could report back to the family that he had crossed over safely. The young woman working on a project with John whose murdered boyfriend interrupts a taping session to tell her that it’s all right for her to move on. And John’s own quest to hear from another medium the words he’s waited a decade for: the signs he and his mother agreed she would give him from the Other Side to tell him she was okay. Through these stories and many others, John brings peace and insight to those who grieve for their loved ones.

      Listeners of this CD will be captivated by the wit, warmth, and passion that John brings to his work, and by the stories behind the stories that have riveted millions of viewers of his landmark program.



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