Crystal Visions Tarot box
The Magician card
Two of Cups card
Three of Wands card
Four of Swords card
Ace of Pentacles card
Crystal Visions Tarot back of card
The Unknown card
Sold Out

    Crystal Visions Tarot


      Crystal Visions Tarot remains true to the classic Rider-Waite 78-card system in much of its symbolism, as well as in card and suit names.

      The luscious card imagery also illustrates the elemental aspects of each suit in order to aid the novice in forming associations with the cards.

      The Crystal Visions Tarot deck includes 78 cards with an additional unknown card for gazing into future situations that have not yet been revealed, or for exploring issues with deeper insight. The instruction booklet offers both upright and reversed meanings.

      • Aeclectic Tarot readers voted Crystal Visions Tarot one of the Top Ten Decks of All Time.
      • Crystal Visions Tarot was voted Top Ten Most Popular Tarot Decks of 2011 by Aeclectic Tarot.
      • named Crystal Visions Tarot the Prettiest Tarot Deck published in 2011.


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