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      An essential first stone to build your spirituality with nature. Are you drawn to Celtic spirituality and do you want to make your way in it? Do you simply have questions about Druidism? This book is for you!

      Frédéric Leseur reviews the entire Druidic tradition as it is practiced today in France, without dogmatism and with a great deal of humility. Adopting a unique approach, he accurately reveals to us his vision of this initiatory path in which the emphasis is placed on sharing and fraternity, in simplicity and good humor. While making a point of remaining accessible, he offers us some fundamental keys that everyone can appreciate and use. Above all, he frees this tradition from all fantasies while deconstructing the myths surrounding it.

      The purpose of this book is not to convince, and even less to convert, but to shed an objective light. You will find answers on the meaning of ceremonies and symbols, on Celtic or Gallic gods and goddesses, on the Wheel of the Year, on Celtic festivals, and more. Finally, the bibliography given at the end of the book should allow all curious readers to deepen the topics which particularly interested them.



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