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Health And Happiness Crystals

Health And Happiness Crystals

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Discover how to use the power of crystals to create harmony and balance in your daily life!

Each type of crystal has its own special properties. used for centuries, these wonders of nature can help with feelings of harmony, tranquility, positivity and much, much more.

Includes: • 48-page harmony guide • 7 crystal gems in a velvet bag: rose quartz, tiger’s eye, amethyst, bloodstone, aventurine, obsidian & flurorite

Relax as you follow the step-by-step harmony guide and wellbeing rituals. Be inspired by the calming, mindful quotes and learn how to use the beautiful crystal gems included as part of your daily wellbeing routine. Invest in yourself and you’ll be rewarded with amazing, feel-good results. Find health and happiness, every day. 

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