motor city hoodoo gossip stop candle 40 hour

    Motor City HooDoo - Gossip Stop Candle


      Gossip Stop Hoo Doo Candle is an avocado Green Candle with a Spicy Musk scent. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hours. Don’t you hate when people talk about you behind your back? Put an end to this immature behavior with the Gossip Stop candle. Has the damage been done already? No worries, Gossip Stop will take care of that too. Label Message -

      Ferme la bouche! Shut your mouth! Stop gossip in its tracks and reverse the damage that it has done if you know who is gossiping, inscribe their name on the top of the candle. If you do not know where it is coming from, draw a mouth on the back of the label and write your name in the center of the mouth. Now draw an “X” over the entire picture and place it under the candle holder. Light your candle.

      Never leave candle burning unattended.



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