Novice Witches Oracle deck box cover
Cauldron card; Rebirth
Mind card; Enlightenment
Aleister Crowley card; Challenges
Candle card; Hope
Witch of Endor card; Premonition
Raven card; Dreams
Marie Catherine Laveau; Liberation
Matteuccia Da Todi card; Love
Sold Out

    Oracle of Novice Witches

      We all need a bit of positive magic in our lives. The Oracle of Novice Witches presents us with guiding messages from mystical teachers and companions to help us recognize and manage the magic we find all around us. Included in this vibrant deck are 24 witches and wizards from history, literature and folklore, who are ready to share their lessons and insights. Also included are 13 tools of the trade and a set of 13 animal familiars to assist us with divination and spell work. This box of magic includes a 50-card oracle deck and a 64-page colorfully illustrated guidebook.


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