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Protection Crystals

Protection Crystals

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Crystals can be wonderful allies in your daily life. Should you wish to protect a place, fight negatives thoughts, regain your energy, or increase your self-confidence, this book will provide you with plenty of information and practical cases. The power of stones are in your hands!

Once you are aware of their properties and know how to use them, crystals can be wonderful allies in your daily life. While the use of stones for protection purposes is increasingly popular, we still need to understand how they work. What is aura? How can you protect yourself from negative energies? In what context can you do so? Should you be new to crystal healing or an experienced practitioner, this book will answer the most frequently asked questions. It uses the basic principles of crystal healing and provides a detailed description of the most popular stones (labradorite, black tourmaline, eye of tiger, etc.) to help you identify your energetic needs and know how to you to use the most appropriate stones in specific contexts.

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