Wicked Witch Mojo - Haint Happenin' limited edition Halloween candle by Dorothy Morrison

    Wicked Witch Mojo - Haint Happenin' Halloween Candle (Limited Edition)


      With the veil beginning to thin, wayward spirits are already on the move and looking for new places to take up residence. The spirits in question are not your ancestors. They are not fun-loving and happy. They are not “searching for the light.” And they most certainly are not in need of your help. Instead, these particular spirits - often called “Haints” – thrive on wreaking havoc and making life miserable for you and your family. And at this time of the year, they can easily infiltrate your home.

      I’m not willing to risk that. And I doubt that you are either.

      Fortunately, you don’t have to. Not with Haint Happenin’ on the job. Designed to both repel and eradicate nasty spirits from your home, these products act as an invisible barrier of sorts around your property. Haints can’t seep in. Your happy home life can’t seep out. And you can sleep easy knowing that wherever haints may travel, they won’t be bothering you!

      "The perfect solution to deciding that haints simply ain't happenin at your house!" - Dorothy Morrison

      • Size: 2" x 4" Pillar
      • Burn Time: 40 hours
      • Color: Light blue
      • Scent: Juniper and jasmine


        - Dorothy Morrison Words of Mojo -

        Haints on the wind and haints at the door?
        Haints in the house?
        That ain't happenin' no more!
        Out with your mischief
        And out with your mess
        You are banished from here, as is your BS
        This spell drives you out
        And it keeps you away.
        It repels you and your crap,
        And the tricks that you play
        So begone with you, haint
        And don't you come back!

        Remove all packaging before lighting and place in a fire-safe container. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from drafts, flammable objects, children, and pets.



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