CLASS: So I See and Talk to Spiritis

CLASS: So I See and Talk to Spirits

Please note that this class takes place in the basement level of Karmic Konnection, which is accessible via staircase only.

* Please note the new date below.

Date: May 2nd, 2023
Time: 5PM - 7PM
Cost: $65
This class is limited to 13 participants; registration availability is first-come-first-serve. To register for this class, click the Book Now button below.

Have you seen something out of the corner of your eye or heard a bump in the night and thought it might have been a spirit? Join instructor Lisa Camerlo as she guides you through the spirit world to better communicate with those on the other side. Come and learn to sharpen your mediumship skills with accuracy in a safe space with expert guidance. Students will work in small groups to practice exercises to strengthen your skills.


About the Instructor

Lisa Camerlo of "Raven Readings by Lisa" is a gifted psychic medium that utilizes several means of divination. She specializes in palmistry because touch is one of her many gifts. She also offers many types of insight through Tarot to Gypsy runes and traditional Gypsy oracle cards.

Lisa utilizes many of the old European religious beliefs of her culture in her readings. Her Italian and Greek descent allow her to utilize the old traditional ways of reading.

Lisa has been in practice for over 30 years, traveling the spiritual fair circuit and music festival as well as small shops. Lisa has been the keynote speaker for the history department at Colorado College on Occult practices along with teaching psychic development and other holistic topics in small shops across the country.

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