Our Story

Karmic Konnection storefront

There are times in the universe where
everything aligns on our true paths.

Struggling to find a job in a harsh economy, I began to think my life was falling apart. The truth was, I just wasn't listening. People around me were telling me to re-connect with my spirituality, when all that time was spent on trying to find a way to pay the mortgage.  It wasn't until everything had come to a standstill and times got dire that I started to look into going into business for myself.

I thought about scrapbooking parties, selling cookware (even though I hate to cook), even going into makeup sales, just to try to scrape by. Little did I know that after a frustrating day at the employment office, taking a stroll in our historic district would forever change my life and the lives around me.  Seeing the empty storefronts made me think, 'Can I make a go at something?'

I called around and got prices.  Still not knowing what I could do, I found my idle time scratching ideas of products I'd like to carry. Those notes turned out to be the first ideas for The Karmic Konnection. About 2 weeks after that stroll, suddenly an opportunity opened and I took the plunge. Terrified and excited, all at the same time, and within 6 weeks, Karmic Konnection opened its doors.

Dawn and Pouka

Since that time, I have felt the most fulfilled that I ever have.  My dream of being able to help people came true and has been such a blessing.  It's not all about the retail.  Knowing that I can help people and make a difference is what makes it all worth it.

I have come up with a tagline for Karmic Konnection recently, but the tagline is more meant for my personal journey: 'Dreams will lead your journey's song.'

As of November 2019, we have embarked on another adventure.  Moving locations has helped us to expand. It has been an incredible move. Even though 2020 has presented its own unique set of challenges, we plan to offer more services in the future.

In the meanwhile, thank you for stopping by, and many blessings to you!

— Dawn