Karmic Konnection storefront on Abriendo Avenue

We have moved! (2019)

Karmic Konnection's Abriendo location


This year has been crazy.  Many of you know our shop on Union has had it's window tagged.  We started for the first time not being able to put all of our products on the floor.  Classes were no longer able to be offered because our space had to have room for all the extra stock. It was getting cramped in our cute little space.

Apparently, plans were already in motion for us to leave our beloved little shop.  At the time, I had already committed to assistant directing a play with our local community theatre.  In the middle of this, I was just glancing at places, not sure where I was heading.  That is when our new place became available.  I went to look and fell in love.  And, just like our beloved little shop, everything starting rolling into place to get us into our new spot.  We have been opened a week now and are loving it! The people have been wonderful, the neighbors have greeted us with warm welcoming. The landlords are incredible. And it is so much bigger than our other one. 

So now we are in the middle of getting our new shop setup and knowing me, we will rearrange several times before we have it right. But once we get all unpacked, our hope is to get in readers and be able to do classes.  There is still a lot of work to be done to make this happen, but it's still exciting!

For those into numerology, our address turns into an 8.  We opened the new shop 8 days after we opened the previous shop 8 years ago. Plus, it was the end of our 8th week of rehearsal for our play. Now to see where this journey leads us!

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