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Channeling J.T. Oracle Cards

Channeling J.T. Oracle Cards

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Wisdom from the other side of life, guiding you to answers for all of life s questions!

This 44-card deck and guidebook have been created to give you access to the wisdom of that higher space, with insight you might not be able to receive from your vantage point on Earth.

Award-winning authors, Sarina and J.T. Baptista, bring you this beautiful, channeled, oracle card deck, to help you with every aspect of your life. Wondering what your life s purpose is? How to maneuver through sticky situations? Whether investing your energy in your relationship is for your highest good? How to best serve others with your gifts?

J.T. Baptista, a Master Teacher on the other side, works with you when you choose your cards and gives you guidance for all of these questions, and so much more.

The 128 page full color booklet gives you insight to each of the cards, assisting in your interpretation, and guiding you to your highest purpose.

From beginners to experts, everyone can find answers to life's questions, and purpose and direction for the future.

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