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Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

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Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards by award-winning authors and teachers Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher are a creative, insightful, and paws-i-tively beautiful work of heart. Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards offers a deck of 60 beautiful images of cats and kittens, each portraying a personal growth idea such as Bliss, Courage, Nurture, Persistence, and more. This imaginative deck is like no other — a purpose-built deck of kitty wisdom cards designed to inspire and delight you while offering substantial guidance for your daily journey through life.

Each Cosmic Cat card theme is accompanied by an inspiring phrase and the included guidebook offers insight, perspective and wisdom about why you might have ‘pounced on’ that card.

Cats model self-reliance and self-esteem, independence and intuition, and self-nurture and protection, reminding each of us that we also have many inner tools for wisdom and daily navigation. They’re among the best mothers in the animal kingdom and are naturally gifted predators, seeking out each day what they need and want with laser-focused clarity. Cats remind us that we, too, have ‘whiskers,’ inviting us to sense and feel our way down our personal paths. Most of all, cats are humorous, deeply present, and motivated by a love of play and pursuit. Cats offer absolute and unconditional love, even if they appear aloof. You don’t have to be a crazy cat lady or the world’s greatest cat daddy to know how loving and extraordinarily wise cats are! Cats live in the moment and without regret. Few of us experience the kind of total presence, awareness, and enjoyment of life that a cats daily demonstrate.

After all, who says that personal growth can’t be as fun as a kitten with a ball of yarn?

Cosmic Cat Wisdom Deck offers the discerning insight that is the hallmark of all felines. There are a few other cat decks, but nothing quite like this deck is on the market today. Whether you’re a cat lover or just love the wisdom offered by inspired card decks, this product is for you and maybe also for someone you love! Don’t forget to share the fun!

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