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Mythic Goddess Tarot

Mythic Goddess Tarot

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Tap into humanity’s inner knowledge at a spiritual and primal level with The Mythic Goddess Tarot, a beautiful 78-card deck inspired by the world’s most revered heavenly beings.

With Jayne Wallace’s stunning tarot deck and book, The Mythic Goddess Tarot, you can channel the power of an army of goddesses simply by picking a card. These beautifully designed cards include deities as diverse as Lakshmi, the lady of abundance who represents The World in this deck, right through to Africa’s earth mother Asase Yaa, who becomes The Empress. Well-known deities from Rome and Greece, such as Juno and Selene, sit alongside divine beings from other mythologies, such as Hine-Tu-Whenua, the Hawaiian goddess of wind. Goddesses, after all, are part of humanity’s collective psychic power, a way for our ancient ancestors to pass on their wisdom. Combining goddess power with tarot is a compelling and effective way to reach the heart of an issue, as the link to sacred femininity enhances spiritual intuition. The accompanying illustrated book offers a range of card spreads for readings, as well as detailed information about each card, including key words, a mantra, and the story behind the goddess.

Includes a full deck of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards and a 64-page illustrated book

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