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Tea - Green

Tea - Green

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  • Clarity:

Uplifting and mentally stimulating this blend will help to ease tension while keeping you focused and enhancing your memory retention.

Green tea to awaken and energize, lavender to release stress,lemongrass to center your thoughts, gingko biloba to build memory. This tea will help you focus, concentrate and call upon answers in which you are seeking and trying to gain clarity over.

Contains: Green tea, lavender, lemon grass and Ginko Biloba

(Contains Caffeine)


  • Love Tea #3:

Energizing and delicious, this tea has an uplifting effect and aphrodisiac qualities. It is best served hot.

Love Tea is best used as the love seeker sees fit.

Sprinkle a little bit of the raw tea and petals in front of your door, to allow love to walk in.

Use it in a spray bottle to mist the air when setting the mood for a romantic adventure.

Contains: Green tea, red rose petals infused with pomegranate, damiana, horny goat weed, rose buds

(Contains Caffeine)

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