Oils Are Here!

Oils Are Here!

Exciting news!  Just in time for the holidays!  I've been listening to what you want in an essential oil and have been yearning to carry a high-quality essential oil line for many years.  What I found is that there are many, many different lines out there and lots of research to go through.  

At first, I was trying to find a quality supplier I could just carry.  Little did I know anything about private labeling.  Thanks to my neighbor, Michelle, at CBD Body Blends, a whole new world was introduced to me.  So... my research went on a whole new level.  I was learning about reading different quality reports instead of just relying on reviews.  I found a company to work with and am impressed by the quality.

We are starting off with 20 different essential oils and 1 carrier oil.  But... this is only the beginning!!! After the new year, I will be looking at even more essential oils plus selling expanding the line into roll-ons (hopefully by summer).  That's the plan at least, but as we know, many times plans morph into something totally unexpected and unplanned.  But we just roll with it. We are very excited to see what will transform from this endeavor!

Have a great holiday season! 

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