EVENT: Midsummer Magick 2024

Midsummer Magick festival - with psychic readers, healers, vendors, discounts, handcrafted products, and more.

Midsummer Magick 2024

A festival to celebrate the warmth, growth, and abundance of midsummer

July 13, 2024 @ 10AM - 6PM
July 14, 2024 @ 10AM - 5PM

Karmic Konnection is pleased to cordially invite you to share in the dreamy enchantment of our Midsummer Magick 2024 festival, celebrating our arrival at the halfway point of the year when nature is at its most abundant.
Please note that this event takes place in the basement level of Karmic Konnection, which is accessible via staircase only. 
Join us for:
  • psychic readers
  • energy healers
  • vendors
  • great sales
  • handcrafted products
  • speakers
  • and more!
... and admission is FREE!

Vendors, Healers, and Psychic Readers

Check here for updates!

Anahata Healing (Magical Custom Art)
Crystal rainbow sculptors and fairy sculptors, description and appointments for home healing space.

Angellight Therapy Inc
Bring your sacred intention and expand your heart with an Avesa Balancing® and intuitive emotional energy release. Avesa Quantum Healing® from the Crystalline Dimensions along with crystal singing bowls, harp and tuning forks, brings you into a space of harmony, peace, love and joy in your ascended heart presence. The space for miracles to manifest, your soul to expand and to easily release stored emotional energy. This leaves you feeling more relaxed, lighter, and with greater peace, love and joy. You will also gain insight as to what you’ve been holding in your body and any messages your guides/masters/soul bring forth. Donna Galvagni RN/LMT has been doing energy healing since 1994 and teaching Reiki and IET since 1999. She is also an Avesa Quantum Energy Healer®, Avesa Medical Intuitive®, and certified in many other modalities.

Akashaman / Soul Blueprint Readings and Teachings
Every Soul has innate gifts that are stepping stones to real super powers. Direct from your Soul Blueprint's logical information encourages fresh perspectives on how to better understand yourself, how to answer your own questions, and what to do about it.

Divine Bliss
Tarot Card Readings and Handmade Jewelry

Earth's Wisdom Mycology Supply LLC
Provides education, products, and support for those seeking to grow psilocybin mushrooms at home in accordance with Colorado state law.

Glitter Zen
Handmade Gemstone Aromatherapy Bracelets with good energy and love by Katie

Integrated Energy Therapy
Clearing blockages from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields.

Lexi's Healing Offerings
Lexi is a local medicine woman who is honored to offer Intuitive Energy Healing for her community. Intuitive Energy Healing sessions use Reiki as well as additional methods and tools like Chakra balancing, auric field clearing, and crystal healing. Sessions may also include inner child or ancestral healing, womb clearing, past life reading and release, power animal/ spirit guide work, sound healing, mediumship, and Italian Folk Healing. Lexi considers herself to be an instrument of Divine Healing and a conduit between Source and her client. Intuitive Energy Healing can help you recalibrate to Joy, integrate your higher self, and embrace holistic health.

Love & WithStand
Energy work. Sound Healing. Bereavement Support. Oracle Readings.

Oleta Mae Apothecary
Handcrafted balms and oils, not sage herb bundles, cleansing sprays, feather fans and rawhide drums, solar fairy light jars, crystals and much more!

Tarot Readings by Grian
Tarot Readings

Tarot Tracy
Tracy is an experienced professional reader and has established herself as an accurate Psychic Medium gifted in channeling. She uses tarot and oracle cards to paint a picture of the past, present, and future.

Tarot with Linda
Tarot Readings

Touch of Sun Massage Therapy
You are the healing you have been waiting for. Experience care of the mind, body & soul with massage therapy, energetic healing, and body care products. Offering table sessions and magnesium body butter for purchase.

The Tarot Queen
Tarot Readings

Under a Wizard's Hat
Candles with Magick Intentions, Handmade Crystal Jewelry, and Ritual Items


Donna Galvagni (Angellight Therapy) 

Opening and Expanding the Heart

Do you feel your heart is open? closed? or somewhere in between? We have all experienced heartaches from the extreme loss and betrayals to the little heart hurts of someone hurting your feelings. Is your body still holding onto this energy? Is it interfering with your capacity to give and receive love from others, your self and The Divine? We will explore these questions and more culminating with a guided meditation with sound healing.

Jason Antalek (Akashaman)

Your Superpowers are in Your Akashic Records

Using an ancient tool, that everyone has access to, and a revolutionary modality, Jason will demonstrate the comprehensive and impactful nature of your Superpowers. Come see for yourself in real time how the steps are already connecting for you!

Schakara (Love & WithStand)


Tonglen is a meditation practice that combines meditating on loving-kindness with meditating on compassion. In the process, we become liberated from age-old patterns of selfishness. We begin to feel love for both ourselves and others; we begin to take care of ourselves and others.

Yolanda (The Tarot Queen)

Tarot 101: Unlocking the Magic of Tarot Keywords

Learn about the most common myths surrounding tarot as a divination tool. Then dive deeper with The Tarot Queen and learn specific keywords for the Major Arcana than can be translated to the other suites for a comprehensive approach to learning and reading the cards better. Great for people of all levels and experience.