CLASS: Thriving as a Human Being: Tools to Better Connect with Ourselves and Serving Our Communities

Please note that this class takes place in the basement level of Karmic Konnection, which is accessible via staircase only.

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2024
Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Cost: $25

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Empathetic Distress is a mindset that leads to serious problems for people in the workplace. Feeling a sense of burnout can not only affect the provider, but also the people who are receiving services. The focus of this session is to reflect on what it means to thrive as a human being and to learn tools designed to reflect on our purpose in doing the work and developing the compassion and self-compassion to show up for ourselves, our loved ones, our clients and any other being we encounter in the emotionally healthiest way possible. We have assumed a huge responsibility for the care and welfare of others.

But if we ourselves are in distress and overwhelmed by life and work, we cannot be in a position to best access the wisdom we need to be able to find the solutions that are most beneficial to our clients. This presentation reaches all people because we touch on the fundamental aspects of being a human being working in stressful environments. Changing our mindset as to how and why we do the work will lead to a happier and healthier life which will also flow naturally to the way we more positively approach all aspects of our life.

This session will allow us to reflect on the way we want to show up in the World, both for ourselves and others so that we may be of better service to our communities. There will be group discussions revolving around four questions. The participants will engage in small group discussion and share their reflections with all the participants.

About the Instructor

Since 2002, Victor Reyes has facilitated international and nationwide trainings to a variety of groups and organizations on issues related to mindfulness, well-being, every aspect related to domestic violence, the effects of secondary trauma, and leadership.

He currently leads classes in yoga, meditation and ethics for several correctional facilities in Colorado. He facilitates discussions on issues related to self-respect and self-compassion at the Youth Offender System, facilitates a domestic survivors group and yoga at La Vista Women’s Correctional Facility-Colorado Department of Corrections. Victor also leads yoga/mindfulness classes and the Federal Bureau of Prisons-Camp, Florence Correctional Institution(FCI), United States Penitentiary-Florence, Stages Program and ADMAX(Supermax) as well as several venues in Pueblo, Colorado

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