Dragon Magick
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    Dragon Magick

      Call on the Clans to Help Your Practice Soar

      Connect with the Boundless Energy and Life-Changing Magick of Dragons

      Discover how to work magick with the mighty dragon clans in this powerful book from bestselling author and dragon expert D. J. Conway. Perfect for beginners and experienced dragon handlers alike, this impressive guide first covers the basics of dragons and magick, and then provides comprehensive information about the thirty-three clans.

      Explore each dragon's personality, coloring, eye traits, and claw, wing, and scale shape. Learn about the clans' different communication styles and how they approach honor, respect, and more. Build a personal connection with your guardian dragon through meditations and spells. This marvelous book opens the door to the world of dragons and allows you to soar with them to new heights of magick.



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