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Gentle Spells & Kind Magic

Gentle Spells & Kind Magic

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Magic can take many forms, whether it be a desire, a wish, or a spell. It can even be a simple act of kindness for friends and family, and importantly for yourself too – like a lovingly hand-made object, a comforting meal or a home-cooked gift.

Many people are turning to alternative ways to find connection and meaning. Something as simple as, ‘Are you ok?’ has great strength, power and empathy. Thoughtfulness is key and this book has kindness at the heart of its magic to create a more forgiving and considerate community.

Curated into colour chapters, Sam takes a look at each colour and what it represents. The book brims full of magical spells, poems, charms, rituals, recipes, makes and wishes to create a helpful guide – a comfort, a tonic – something that is available to everyone, whether you feel like you are a witch or not.

Chapters are:

White, Yellow & Orange, Red, Pink, Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Black & Grey, Silver & Gold

Projects include:

Orange blossom spell, Clay incense holder, Lucky red wrist ribbon, Hanging crystal grotto, Witch’s knots, Friendship jar spell, Crescent moon and amethyst make, Making a wand, Secret message jewellery, Moon biscuits.

This will be a beautiful and inspirational guide to colour and its magic.

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