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Hoodoo Herbal

Hoodoo Herbal

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The definitive guide to Hoodoo plant magic.

Hoodoo Herbal contains detailed information on dozens of roots and herbs. Conjure tends to be accessible, practical, low-cost magic, and this is reflected in the herbal.

For example, snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata), a common house plant, readily available from garden stores and supermarkets alike, is valued for its anti-gossip properties and is also worked with to keep lying tongues from disrupting your home. Because its leaves are shaped like a double-edged sword, the snake plant can “cut” through malicious “works” (spells) that may have been sent against you.

Likewise, the Touch-Me-Not or shameplant (Mimosa pudica), another popular plant, is used for protection.

As with the information in her previous books, Starr’s knowledge comes from a lifetime of experience, as well as her family’s secrets. Mama Starr’s own grandmother kept Touch-Me-Nots in buckets on either side of her front door.

This book will be of interest to lovers of herbals and students of Southern folkways, as well as the many who seek to put the information into use. In addition to detailed information about a wide variety of plants, there is also practical information about planting seeds and cutting and transplanting plants. In this book of practical plant magic, Starr advises that as the plants thrive and grow, the works for which they are used will grow stronger too.

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