Magickal Astrology
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    Magickal Astrology


      Use astrology to reconnect with the magickal forces around you

      Astrology and magick are links between the energies of the cosmos on the one hand and our earthly experience on the other. They are also powerful tools for understanding our place in the universe, connecting with its powers, and creating the life you want to live.

      In Magickal Astrology you’ll learn how to assess your birth chart, create your own magick toolbox, and work with planetary cycles, solar and lunar energies, eclipses, and more. The book also provides myriad ways to customize your toolkit by integrating the use of:

      • Herbs and Other Botanicals
      • Crystals and Gemstones
      • Planetary Powers
      • Magickal Symbols

       Here, veteran astrologer Skye Alexander shows you how to tap into the rhythms of the universe for balance and offers numerous ideas and inspiration for incorporating star power into your rituals, celebrations, and everyday life.



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