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The Way of the Belly

The Way of the Belly

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In The Way of the Belly, Neena & Veena will show you a fun way to rediscover or enhance the real you. These dynamic sisters have developed a unique plan to become the person you want to be! Maybe you want to shed those extra pounds, tighten and tone the body, spice up your wardrobe, be a better lover, take years off of your face and body, or all of the above.

You’re about to begin a life makeover plan so enjoyable that you can actually stay on it for the rest of your life! This book shows you how—the Bellytwins way. It’s an outrageously fun mind-body-spirit makeover with a twist—a hip twist, that is, as well as bold colors, a little glitter, and a great big smile! Go on—make the most of what you’ve got!

The Way of the Belly also works on changing or enhancing your internal core—that is, your intuition and emotions—in order to increase confidence and make you look and feel more beautiful and alluring.

You can be all you’ve ever imagined—maybe even more!

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