To Light a Sacred Flame

    To Light a Sacred Flame


      Banish. Bless. Light it up. Cast a circle for a fire harvest ritual, create your own signature magickal powder, master the nuances of fascinations and glamouries. A Witch's world - both within and without- is filled with wonder and magick. It's also filled with the hard work and dedication to learning that are part of living the Craft every day.

      Silver RavenWolf illuminates the Craft fundamentals of focus, visualization, and energy work in To Light a Sacred Flame, the third volume in the wildly popular Witchcraft series that also includes To Ride a Silver Broomstick and To Stir a Magick Cauldron. This indispensable guide presents tried-and-true Witch wisdom, dished out with Silver's down-to-earth warmth and humor. You'll learn the essentials of Witchcraft, including: 

      ∙ the ten mysteries of invoking your power ∙ healing circles ∙ trance states and suggestions ∙ glamouries ∙ spiritual housecleaning, banishings , and blessings ∙ magickal renovations and harmonious workspaces ∙ linking spells ∙ shrines ∙ elementals ∙ solitary, group, family, and master rituals ∙ devotions and prayers ∙ discovering your personal magick cycle ∙ moon and candle magick, enchanted powders, correspondences, and more



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