Karmic Konnection on Union previous store interior

ARCHIVE: April 19th, 2018 (2018)

What a journey this has been.  Obviously, it has been awhile since I posted because it has taken a lot to run this shop.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  Now I have a couple of employees which helps with trying to allocate time for other things (like actually getting caught up). But what is even more exciting is that for the first time, I have somebody who has experience in planning and graphic design.  Sooo...we are having our first author book signing coming up.  We are so excited here!!! This will hopefully open the avenue for doing various other events in our little shop.  The opportunities are endless.

In the coming months, there will be changes to the website too. I'll be mapping it out and expect to have a plan by summer solstice.

Many of you have not seen me out front for a bit now.  Just know that I'm working on getting organized so that soon, I'll be able to bring more to you. I have been missing all the great people I get to chat with.  But know you are all in my heart and as soon as I get everything back together, I am planning on being out front again. Thank you all for your continued support!  We have such a great community of people! May you have great blessings on your journey!  I will try to be more vigilant on updating you here.

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