Candlelight Spells

    Candlelight Spells


       The Modern Witch's Book of Spellcasting, Feasting, and Natural Healing

      From the author of Wicca Love Spells, this essential and fascinating resource provides everything the modern Witch needs to know to live the Wiccan lifestyle to its fullest and most wonderfully powerful.

      An essential resource for the Wiccan lifestyle, Candlelight Spells provides recipes, spells, and guides for herbs and candle crafting, as well as a "Lexicon of Witchcraft." The modern Witch will find recipes for the traditional sabbat feasts of the witch's year, including:

    • Fertility Bread, Sabbat Cakes, and Samhain Cider
    • For new moon gatherings, here are recipes for Madrake Wine, Nettle Ale, Acorn Cookies, and more.

    • Practitioners of the Old Religion will also find detailed spells, counterspells, ceremonies, and rituals for maintaining every aspect of your Wiccan integrity. This is an indispensable guide for those truly interested in nurturing the Craft of the Wise.




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