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Earth Witch

Earth Witch

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In every moment, the land is speaking—reaching out to invite you back into an ancient relationship, back into a world peopled with spirits and brimming with magic. Calling you to the gritty, grounded path of the Earth Witch.

Are you ready to listen?

In Earth Witch: Listening to the Magic in the Land, witch, herbalist, and teacher Britton Boyd shares the lessons and powerful practices of an organic spirituality rooted in the natural world. This is witchcraft raw and real, unfettered by the bounds of spiritual capitalism; this is the witchcraft found in thrift stores and free boxes on the side of street…traded, bartered, lost, and found again. In the ceaseless ebb and flow, this is a spiral journey into the heart of the living landscape.

Enriched with stories, spells, and rituals, Earth Witch is an invitation into radical transformation in service to the planet we call home. Open the invitation. Read the book. Heed the call.

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