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Palo Santo Stick (4")

Palo Santo Stick (4")

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An aromatic wood considered to be holy and mystical. For centuries, it has been used as a powerful energy cleanser and healer; combating negative energies and purifying spaces. It is believed that when the branches of the Palo Santo tree have fallen, they must lay untouched for several years. It is in this time that they are said to manifest their sacred properties. Palo Santo has a very clean-smelling aroma; similar to frankincense and citrus.

These sticks have been harvested sustainably in Peru.

Contains: 1 Palo Santo stick measuring approx 4".



Light the smudge stick or palo santo, let it burn for a moment before gently blowing out the flames so you see glowing embers. Then waft the smoke through your home or over your body with your hand or a feather. Be sure to carry a heat resistant dish with you to catch embers and when done, snuff out the embers and store remainder for next use.

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