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Pendant - Intention (Tri-Stone)

Pendant - Intention (Tri-Stone)

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Use these beautiful pendants to aid with your specific intention. The stones included on each pendant are described below. 

Size: 2.5"

Made in Brazil

Note: These are pendants only.  Chain/neck cord not included.


    • The pendant is made with Crystal Quartz , Blue Kyanite and Selenite.
    • Crystal Quartz is used to clear negative energies.
    • Blue Kyanite can help in negotiations and communication.
    • Selenite opens the pathway to connect to the highest realms.


    • The pendant is made with Emerald, Pink Tourmaline and Rose Quartz.
    • Emerald is a stone of Love and Kindness.
    • Pink Tourmaline is associated with the feminine energies.
    • Rose Quartz is a stone of Love for oneself and Universal Love.


    • The pendant is made with Citrine, Pyrite and Green Aventurine.
    • Citrine heightens self-discipline, attracting professional success and wealth.
    • Pyrite attracts abundance in your life.
    • Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and good luck.


    • The pendant is made with Black Tourmaline, Crystal Quartz and Tiger Eye.
    • Black Tourmaline is stone of protection and mental healing.
    • Crystal Quartz is used to clear negative energies.
    • Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that gives you the strength to live and transform your life.
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