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Pendulum (Assorted)

Pendulum (Assorted)

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Dowsing pendulums have been in use in the practice of divination and scrying for hundreds of years. Use of a pendulum can help deliver subconscious knowledge and energy to your conscious mind. Use it with a mat, or discover on your own the language the pendulum uses while communicating with you.

~Pendulum Stone Properties ~

Clear Quartz: protection, healing, psychism, power, programmable, amplification

Fluorite: enhances spiritual energy work, focuses the will, balances the psyche

Labradorite: inner strength & convictions, combatting addictions, promotes psychic ability, intuition & spiritual enlightenment

Obsidian: grounding, cleansing, protection from negativity, prophecy, release

Pyrite: overcoming feelings of inadequacy, energizes area it's placed, overcoming lethargy & fatigue, good for lungs

Rhodonite: emotional balance, attunement with spirituality, universal love, realizing personal potential, dispels stress 

Ruby Zoisite: strengthens life force, communication with spirit world, core soul healing, past-life work, inducing trance, individuality

Scolecite: inner peace, headaches, dreams, calming, anxiety, equilibrium, seizures

Tree Agate: connection to nature, restores vitality, protection against negativity, strength, safety and security, concentration, lymphatic system, immune system

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