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Power Animal Figurine Bead (Various Stones, 3/4")

Power Animal Figurine Bead (Various Stones, 3/4")

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Power Animals are animal messengers said to bring teachings of what is needed in your life. Carry these animals with you to draw on their gifts and activate your potential.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a figurine in a randomly-chosen stone.


  • Bat: transition, empowerment, facing fears, rising above, promise amidst change
  • Bear: power of the unconscious, inner peace, fierce strength, awakening of potential
  • Bison: spiritual connection, abundance, gratitude, ease and flow, taking action
  • Butterfly: transformation, bliss and joy, lightness of the soul, sweetness of life, dance
  • Cat: independence, cleverness, healing, mystery, magic, curiosity, balance
  • Coyote: adaptability, playfulness, hidden wisdom, creation, cooperation
  • Crocodile: creation & destruction, power, fertility, knowledge, wisdom, mindfulness
  • Dog: faithfulness, protection, ability to love, companionship, watchfulness
  • Dolphin: manifestation, intelligence, breath work, healing of mind, body, and spirit
  • Dragon: intuition, higher purpose, ancient wisdom, open-mindedness, leadership
  • Dragonfly: emotional expression, transformation, light and joy, maturity, perspective
  • Eagle: spirituality, emotion, passion, creativity, healing, purity, divine connection
  • Elephant: strength, wisdom, success, ancient power, royalty, fertility, prophecy
  • Fish: travel, continual growth, mindfulness, self-reliance, fertility, creativity
  • Frog: abundance, sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, cleansing, healing, fertility
  • Giraffe: perspective, communication, body language, balance, movement
  • Hummingbird: playfulness, independence, wonder, joy, healing in nature, endurance
  • Lion: patience, cooperation, protection, creativity, intuition, imagination
  • Lizard: perception, sensitivity, lucid dreaming, intuition, strongly-flowing life force
  • Monkey: problem solving, playfulness, taking action, companionship, resourcefulness
  • Owl: clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral projection, secrets, perception
  • Penguin: creation, dream consciousness, altered states, creative energies, nurturing
  • Rabbit: finesse, fleetness, sensitivity, creativity, fertility, new life, energies of the moon
  • Rhinoceros: ancient wisdom, comfort in solitude, spiritual idealism, inner trust
  • Rooster: vigilance, optimism, enthusiasm, fertility, embracing your identity
  • Seahorse: being present, releasing negativity, higher self, enjoying life, focus
  • Sea Turtle: longevity, groundedness, clairvoyance, perception, feminine energies
  • Squirrel: activity, preparedness, expressiveness, observation, doing rather than studying
  • Tiger: passion, power, devotion, sensuality, adventurousness, ferocity, solitude
  • Turtle: patience, wisdom, longevity, perseverance, protective, nurturing
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