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Runes Journal

Runes Journal

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Record your runic castings to gain insight into your life dilemmas with this guided journal, beautifully illustrated in full-colour. Rune stones are an ancient Norse method of divination. This inspiring journal offers an easy-to-follow guide to how runes can be used, plus explanations of their symbology, and then provides plenty of attractively decorated pages for you to record your castings and interpretations as well as the feelings and thoughts that they evoke. Whether you are embarking on your first attempt at Runic divination or are an experienced diviner, this handy companion will allow you to reflect upon your readings, unlock potential futures, enrich your decision making and open a pathway to deeper self-awareness.

Pub date: 2023 Format: Paperback/Blank Journal Pages: 128 pages ISBN: 9781398821996

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