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The Wisdom of Tula

The Wisdom of Tula

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The Wisdom of Tula Card Deck is unusual, special, and truly insightful. This lovely and imaginative card deck and booklet offers remarkable depth of meaning through the words of author Karen Stuth and the beauty of life as depicted in the art of renowned painter Dianna Cates Dunn. Unlike tarot or Lenormand decks, which often require special training and experience, The Wisdom of Tula Card Deck is an easy-to-use tool that offers many of the truths of personal growth, the stepping-stones to living a fully empowered life, and ultimately the keys to inner peace. These cards will help you to access the guidance you have always carried inside you, the universal truths and inner knowing that is part of the amazing person that is you.

Tula, the central figure of the card art, embodies our many facets -- prism-like, sparkling, and light-filled. Tula represents every woman and every man; her life experience as depicted through these cards contains the many aspects of life that we all meet, embrace, and often seek to surmount. The Wisdom of Tula Card Deck offers personal growth themes that provide guidance into the many aspects of your daily and life journey, with meanings that can speak to an unlimited number of circumstances.

This is a set of cards you can use every day for a lifetime; a highly recommended gift with beautiful images and thoughts to help you find your own true North. Even seasoned card deck collectors will want to include The Wisdom of Tula Card Deck in their expanding collections. If you love inspirational words and ideas and appreciate the magic of stunning art, this deck is especially for you!

Key Features:

  • No special training or experience needed
  • A fun and easy-to-use tool for daily insight and personal fulfillment
  • Based on the stunning original art of award-winning artist Dianna Cates Dunn
  • Increase your own intuition and inner navigation system
  • Receive daily guidance for personal empowerment and deeper inner peace
  • A collector's gem
  • Use daily for a lifetime
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