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Weiser Tarot Journal

Weiser Tarot Journal

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Guidance and Practice (for use with any Tarot deck—includes 208 specially designed journal pages and 1,920 full-color Tarot stickers to use in recording your readings)

“At the beginning of my journey as a tarot reader, I used a regular notebook to keep a journal of my readings. Unfortunately, there were no special tarot journals back then, so I had to make do. Over the years, some became available, but most fell short. They were too small or too bulky. Or they were for a specific deck, which felt limiting. Others were unattractive. The Weiser Tarot Journal is the exact sort of journal I longed for. Ample room to jot down thoughts, gorgeous imagery, and lots of stickers—all in a perfect-sized book I can toss into my backpack! May this journal serve you well, and may the cards always be stacked in your favor.” —from the introduction by Theresa Reed (the Tarot Lady), author of Tarot—No Questions Asked

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