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Whispering Herbs Healing Cards (Essential Wisdom from Mother Earth)

Whispering Herbs Healing Cards (Essential Wisdom from Mother Earth)

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Whispering Herbs Healing Cards are a unique and one-of-a-kind tool for healing practitioners and anyone wanting to enhance and increase personal wellness. No special training or experience is needed. Relying on the science of vibrational healing as an element of the emerging area of regenerative medicine, this deck of 128 cards, full-color booklet, and lid-and-tray box provide the energetic signature that transmits healing messages to our organs and glands.

After all, we live in a vibratory world, a world of energy. Plants, like us, also vibrate and send out healing vibrations. By focusing on the plant picture on each of the Whispering Herbs Healing Cards, our eyes view the image and our bodies connect with its vibration. By saying out loud the message of the plant, as provided on every card, we shift our focus towards the inherent healing offered by the plant.

Whispering Herbs Healing Cards are for anyone of any age. Simply choose a card and enjoy its inspirational message, while allowing the energetic signature of the card to work on balancing the related meridian and chakra. As the herbs softly whisper their energy of healing, your body is listening and responding at a subliminal level.

For deeper healing work, use the booklet included with the deck to read more about the card you drew, and employ the techniques outlined for meridian and chakra balancing. Whispering Herbs Healing Cards can be used by any healing arts practitioner, whether alternative or mainstream, or anyone looking for well-being

This card deck is not intended to predict the future nor is it a tarot deck built according to a divination system. However, your own intuition will likely lead you to draw the card you need to instantly support or even improve your own health and wellness. The affirmations on each card can provide a focal point for daily inspiration.

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