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Wicca for Life

Wicca for Life

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With an attractive new cover and updated epilogue, this classic work on Wicca will find a new audience among fans of Harry Potter and other magicians. Raymond Buckland, one of America's leading Wicca authors, explains everything a novice or advanced Wiccan needs to know about deepening their understanding and appreciation of the Craft at every stage of life.

Wicca for Life presents a comprehensive guide to Wicca for both established followers and newcomers to the Craft, designed to carry the modern Witch through every season and aspect of life. From Wicca's ancient beginnings to its current practice worldwide, Wicca for Life encompasses the rites, rituals, and customs every practitioner needs to know. Written by Raymond Buckland, the leading U.S. authority on Wicca, this essential resource has been exhaustively researched and organized to provide guidance for Witches at all levels of skill and experience.

Wicca for Life features a detailed reference to color symbolism, magical alphabets, chants and songs, and the magickal properties of herbs, as well as advice on how to:

  • Develop natural psychic abilities and healing tendencies
  • Focus powers and sharpen Wiccan wishing
  • Block curses and open up channels for positive energy
  • Learn to balance the dimensions of home, using elements of feng shui
  • Cope with crises and ward off negativity
  • Improve relationships with family, friends, and lovers

  • Within these pages, a Witch can begin the journey into the ways of the Craft or discover new ways to enrich the daily practice of life-affirming Wiccan magick.
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