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Witchcraft Discovered

Witchcraft Discovered

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Packed with exercises, this book is an accessible and comprehensive toolkit for getting started in witchcraft. Josephine Winter builds your magical foundation, eases any fears, and shows you how to do the thing rather than just read about it. Each chapter shares journal prompts, activities to develop your skills, and suggestions for further reading. This beginner-friendly book is designed for practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere as well, making it easy to celebrate seasonal magic wherever you live.

Witchcraft Discovered teaches you how to work with energy (witchcraft of the hands), ask questions (witchcraft of the head), and dance to your own drumbeat (witchcraft of the heart). Presenting both witchcraft theory and practice, plus a few recipes, this book introduces you to:

Sabbats • The Elements • Witchy Tools • Divination • Plant Magic • Rituals • Deities and Spirit • Planetary Magic • Meditation • Energy Work • Altar Work • Sigils and Talismans • The Magic Circle • Hearth Magic • Community

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