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Witchcraft Simplified

Witchcraft Simplified

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Delve into the secrets, meditations, and magics of the modern witch with Witchcraft Simplified.
Learn the art of spellcasting, manifest positive energy, and live the life you desire. Witchcraft Simplified is a complete beginner’s guide to spellcasting and features over 100 spells to improve your life, including spells for:

- Love
- Money
- Healing
- Protection
- Comfort
- Career Advancement

Embrace a positive lifestyle with spiritual cleansing and energy healing and care for your mind, body, and spirit with the foundations of witchcraft. Learn how to prepare for spells, rituals, and other practical magic applications. Discover practical uses for stones, crystals, candles, herbs, magic circles, amulets, talismans, and charms. Explore the benefits of natural magic. Look inside for recipes for cleansing oils, herbal remedies, and tonics, plus a list of ingredients needed in every witch’s pantry. This essential book even includes a guide to moon cycles and seasons and how they will affect you and your spellcasting. Banish negative energy from your life with the help of spells and potions and realize your true potential. Unlock your inner power and manifest your dreams with Witchcraft Simplified. 

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